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“It Takes All Kinds” – Great Options in iPad Kiosks and PC Tablet Displays

Savvy exhibitors are calling our portable iPad kiosks and mounted PC tablet stands “the next wave” in exhibiting, because they offer something key in today’s busy sped-up world: they shorten the time required to reach a “meeting of the minds” between an exhibitor and visitors to their booth – with easy, quick access to user-driven information.

This product category has really taken off — which means lots of models, very different looks, and a full range of price points.

Examining iPad Kiosks and Tablet Stand Options


Let me pick a few popular options, to give you an idea of what’s possible.

First, the brand-new “Maestro” iPad/tablet kiosk.

Like others in our high security line of kiosks, this features an anti-theft dual lock clamshell, which can be used (optionally) to block the tablet “home” button.

Maestro Telescoping Portable iPad Tablet Stand

What’s unique about the Maestro?

  • Innovative telescoping pole (adjusts in height from 37″ to 60″)
  • Can be tilted from flat to 90 degrees
  • Comes with a rolling suitcase with protective foam inserts.

This all adds up to a whole lot of “easy” — easy setup, easy use and easy transportation. And a very easy price.

To see more: Maestro iPad/tablet kiosk.

Second, let’s go to the fancier end of the spectrum: our Double-sided Lightbox with iPad Kiosk.

iPad Kiosk and Two-sided LightboxWhat sets this model apart includes:

  • A strikingly sophisticated look
  • LED back-lighting technology for cool, bright light emphasis of your message
  • Fabric panels mounted using tight-as-a-drum Silicone Edge Graphic style, on both front and back of stand
  • Engineered Aluminum Extrusion structure with Laminated Base

If the look you need is modern and cool, and needs to grab attention, this model (or one of its stylistic siblings) is the way to go.

To see more:  Double-sided Lightbox with iPad Kiosk.

And now for something different: Fabric Tower Tablet Kiosk

All is not metallic in the land of kiosks.   We have tablet (and tablet/monitor combination) kiosks with customizable fabric panels.

Combined Tablet and Monitor Fabric KioskWhat’s unique with Fabric Towers?

  • Customizable fabric panels with full color dye sub prints
  • Tablet mount can be combined with a video monitor on one of the models
  • Includes molded transit and storage case
  • This tablet stand won’t disappear but will blend right into your fabric booth.

To see more:  Fabric Tower Tablet Kiosk

More Information

These are just a few examples of how you can put iPads and other tablet computers to work enhancing the looks of your booth, communicating your message more visually, and making a better connection with your targeted trade show audience.

This category is growing so rapidly that we cannot capture all your options, but here are some good places to start:

iPad Stands and Tablet Kiosks

Monitor Kiosks

Plus, the high security iPad Solutions Line from our sister company Trade Show Originals.


Deborah Elms is passionate about helping businesses and organizations create and retain customers through the effective use of trade shows & other face-to-face events.  She is VP of Sales and Marketing at The Originals Group, LLC which is comprised of the Imprinted Originals and Trade Show Originals divisions. You can follow her on twitter at @D_Elms.


Barricade & Bike Rack Covers, Event Barriers, & Tents on Sale on Sale, Oh My!

Getting ready for spring or summer outdoor events?   We have 2 great new items to turn boring crowd control structures into great branding opportunities – plus, once again, spring time means our most popular tents are on sale!

Branded Crowd Control Structures

Stuck with barren metal bike racks or barricades to direct visitors? Spice it up with full-color branding!

Add logos or messaging about your event or organization, or add a sponsorship opportunity to help offset your costs, with Barricade Covers (also known as Bike Rack Jackets).  WeatherGuard or Vinyl banners for heavy duty outdoor use.

Our new Portable Event Barriers give you another option for use on either solid or lawn surfaces, depending on whether you use inground stakes or water-filled bases.  Full color polyester banners.

No tools are required for either Barricade Covers or Event Barriers, and both can be either single- or double-sided, using full color designs.

Tents, Tents and More Tents

Standard, Deluxe or Premium Tents 10 x 10 branded event tents are now available, as well as 10 x 15, 10 x 20 and even 20 x 20.

Now’s the time to buy — while our Standard and Premium tents are on sale – every year March through June!

Click here for more details and pricing!


iPad Kiosks For Trade Shows – Creating a More Interactive Booth

Psst! Want a great way to get your prospects at trade shows to “take a closer look” at your software demo or product information?

iPad Kiosk for trade show booth, 4 tablets, landscape view

In the hands-on world we live in, it’s not enough to tell your prospects what you can do for them, even in B2B marketing and sales.  You must show them – and that usually means using a laptop, large monitor or tablet PC.

iPads in Your Trade Show Booth?

The good news is – tablet kiosks and stands are especially great at creating an interactive buzz.  They call out for prospects to come into your booth and interact directly with your product or marketing in a way that big screens do not.

They’re also easy to set up, relatively inexpensive, and work in any booth.

The bad news is – it’s much easier for a tablet to “take feet and walk” than a heavier monitor/laptop setup.

We have the answer: kiosks that can be kept securely in place, with lockable clamshells to keep your iPad at hand and boltable bases if needed.

These kiosk displays also look great, sleekly fitting into your trade show display decor.

iPad Kiosk Display Stand Options

We carry a range of tablet stands and computer kiosks – but what I want to tell you about today is our clamshell “iPad Solutions” line. These models have all the must-have features and a great level of quality so we are extremely comfortable standing behind them.

They feature a double-lock security system on the clamshell itself and stands which can be bolted down if need be – and yet they are sleek enough to fit into any exhibit environment, whether trade show, conference or corporate event – or lobby, museum or retail space.

You can start by simply attaching a clamshell to an existing aluminum extrusion displays.  Or select a single, double or multiple-headed stand. And even add standoff graphics if you like.

Clamshell iPad Kiosk Features:

  • Locking Clamshell with Dual Anti-theft Locks
  • From one to four iPads
  • The ability to switch back and forth from portrait to landscape
  • You can dress them up with marketing standoffs of any shape
  • Lightweight engineered aluminum extrusion and base
  • Modular construction
  • Wire/Cord hideaways & management included
  • 3 colors: white, black and silver powder-coat finishes
  • Lightweight: 11 lbs single to 33 for 4-sided

Options (depending on style):

  • Graphic Header
  • Brochure Holder
  • Standoff Graphics or Magnetic Graphics
  • Shelf
  • Case

More information on these Clamshell iPad Solutions, Kiosks & Workstations for Trade Shows

Interested in other possibilities?  Check out EVEN MORE styles:

“It Takes All Kinds” – Great Options in iPad Kiosks and PC Tablet Displays



Deborah Elms is passionate about helping businesses and organizations create and retain customers through the effective use of trade shows & other face-to-face events.  She is VP of Sales and Marketing at The Originals Group, LLC which is comprised of the Imprinted Originals and Trade Show Originals divisions. You can follow her on twitter at @D_Elms.


Imprinted Event Tents On Sale: 10×10, 10×15, 10×20 & 20×20

First, I’m going to remind you about the great sale on our most popular custom imprinted canopy popup 10′ x 10′ tents, and how it’s ending really soon – 7/31. Then I’ll introduce you to our new tent sizes – 10′ x 15′, 10′ x 20′ and especially the breakthrough 20′ x 20′ premium popup tents – leading up to letting you in on an extension of the tent sale


Today, what seems most urgent is to remind folks that our annual summer sale on both our standard (steel frame) and premium (aluminum) 10 foot event tents will end on July 31. These are solid tents, at truly great pricing, that have given our clients tons of steady use.

So – for the very best pricing of the year on both our standard and our premium 10’x10′ imprinted Event Tents – up to 15% off – you want to act between now and 7/31.  For details:  10 ft event tents and 20 ft event tents.

But what if a 10 x 10 ft tent is just not big enough?  Maybe you’ve got a golf tournament you’re sponsoring, a track team you need to shelter, community outreach at street fairs, or a really important craft festival coming – and you want the most bang for your buck.

Then you want to know about these alternative size tents:  10′ x 15′, 10′ x 20′ and even 20′ x 20′ for up to 4 times the covered space and all that much more canopy area for logos and branded messages!

10x20 Large Imprintable Event Tent
10×20 Large Imprintable Event Tent

Not sure which model or size you’ll want?  Take a quick look at our Event Tent Reference Page for a summary and comparison of our tent models and sizes.


Deborah Elms is passionate about helping businesses and organizations create and retain customers through the effective use of trade shows & other face-to-face events.  She heads up the Trade Show and Event Division of Imprinted Originals.  You can follow her on twitter at @D_Elms or visit the Imprinted Originals Facebook page.


Exhibitor2012 – The Tradeshow and Exhibit World Gathers & Makes Its Own Show

Exhibitor 2012 came early this year, the first week of March, almost as if to show how eager the members of the trade show and exhibition world are to head out of the doldrums of past years.  And the results seem to suggest we are well on our way.

If you don’t know, Exhibitor is a trade show “of and by and for” the tradeshow industry: including exhibiting companies and their marketing mavens, as well as the manufacturers and distributors of products and services.

Imprinted Originals Goes to Las Vegas for Exhibitor Trade Show

Imprinted Originals management treks to Exhibitor every year or two, motivated by the desire to visit our existing manufacturers to see “what’s new”, track down potential new suppliers to see who has “the right stuff”, check out the competition.  And keep an eye on the trends.

We sound pretty much like any attendee at any tradeshow, right?

Which is part of the point – being on “that side” of the show.  Of course, with us, it’s something of a “busman’s holiday” as the booths themselves “are” a large part of what we come to see.

While Deborah the Marketing Director glad-handed company representatives in each booth, and talked product benefits, target audiences, and positioning, Veronica the Creative Director poked around and looked at all the details, the stitching, the materials, the print quality and the overall look. Together we vetted the businesses and their processes, as well as approving (or disapproving) the products being shown.

The Results of Our Vetting Process?

Foremost in our minds was to check in with our main manufacturing partners, and we were not disappointed.

They had the right answers to our questions and were eager to step up to client challenges we presented them. We liked the quality and range of new offerings, ranging from very portable through island sized modular booths and rental design properties. And it’s always great to see the folks we work with over phone and email, in person.

We also were able to look closer at products from other vendors.  There the results were mixed.

One potential new resource (that we “met” for the first time at the show) was crossed off our list when the “white glove” approach revealed they’d dressed their own booth in a sloppy way.  There’s no way we could trust them to provide the quality and reliability we expect, if that’s the best they can bring to a show like this.

In another case, a supplier of one product we are happy to represent is trying to expand into truss systems, and the result was not pretty.  We will stick with our current supplier, whose products are solidly built in the US, look great and carry a lifetime warranty.

On the other hand, we ran into a supplier we had used for exactly one job (in a rush situation).  His was a small but well-prepared booth. Our client had been very happy, and so were we when we looked more closely at what else he could offer.   We also liked what he had to say about his company’s business practices – predictable, based on quality and focused on support.  His products will be coming on board in a bigger way as a result.

Last but not least, there were specific exhibitors we went to the show to check out.  Based on what we knew, we wanted to add their product lines, but – there’s nothing like experience first hand and face-to-face for this kind of evaluation.

The good news is they did meet our standards, and as a result we are expanding our offerings with some very exciting new product lines which we will be introducing this spring and summer.

What Were the Trade Show Exhibit Trends ?

Part of attending any trade show is looking for trends in your industry.  You can see if you’ve been keeping up, and if there’s anything new you should be tracking down.

This year – I wouldn’t say there was a lot of new new things.  Some people seemed to be disappointed by this.

The biggest “trend” in my eyes was actually balance – nothing over dominated the show.  Last year it seemed everywhere you turned, it was about technology and electronics; the year before it was “green”; and before that it was fabric and extrusion. 2012 feels like a year in which what have been “new ideas” got the validation of being continuing trends.

But don’t get me wrong, there were new ideas and new approaches this year, with new fabric booth systems options, event technology that’s less about promises and more about results, and the evolution of lighting options.

A More Normal Booth Size Distribution

One thing that struck me in 2011 was the huge number of 2-story 20×20 booths.  It was as if the manufacturers were all trying to signal a positive trend, that tradeshows were coming back, without sticking their necks out too far.

In 2012, there was a much more organic distribution of booth space sizes.  What had been a 10 foot booth for a few years, might now be a 20 ft inline.  20 foot inlines grew to 30 ft.   And the 20×20’s that had been stacked up in a line, like a parking lot full of double-decker buses grew in 2012 into true island booths.

Fabric Display Options

Fabric of course retains its prominence in the design world because of its flexibility, ease of use and light weight – and now can be handled with extremely large format printers.  What was a bit new this year was that fabric didn’t have to dominate to make the point – so there is a balancing of fabric and form.

What were custom ideas are now being turned into systems and kits that can be used in semi-custom designs like the ones we specialize in.

Representative of some of the new fabric booths and display product lines we are bringing on board:

Event Technology

Event technology remains important, but now it includes a balance of large touchscreens and iPad/tablet kiosks of all sorts, which we’re excited about because let’s face it – with a large percentage of enterprise technology and manufacturer clients, we deal with a lot of requests for these tech display options.

Booth Lighting

Everything was not LED lighting (was that last year or the year before?) but LED was used in  creative fashions.

One of our lighting companies’ booth programmed their lights to outline a 6 foot high light bulb which changed colors.  Another had a display “cube” with internal lighting that could be set up to rotate its colors or otherwise grab attention for an exhibitor’s products.

And backlighting can now be fabric panel-specific at a very reasonable price for one of our client favorite portable displays, the Xpresssions Snap.

There are lots of opportunities for impact using light and color!

Trade Show Best Practices at Exhbitor2012

One thing that stands out at industry tradeshows is whether exhibitors there practice what they preach – do the conferences themselves use (or even invent) best practices?

Here’s two that impressed me this year:

  • After the show, I was emailed the list of booths that scanned my badge. It’s incredibly smart to give the attendees the same information that the exhibitors are getting. And it was refreshing not to have to wait for exhibitors to get back to me to have this information so I could reach out myself.
  • Exhibitor Media Group – the magazine publisher behind the Exhibitor shows – always publishes pictures of “Best in Show” booths and New Products (as submitted by exhiting companies).  This is a slam dunk – they publish the magazine Exhibitor in hardcopy and on the web.  I noticed this year they went a step further and published pictures taken at the show of each booth next to the name of the exhibiting company. (it’s possible I simply realized this for the first time this year).  This is very supportive of both of their sets of customers – the exhibitors as well as the show attendees.  This should be a new standard practice to keep the connection going between exhibitors and attendees.

The Exhibitor Show’s Statistics – Harbinger of What’s Coming in 2012?

You can probably tell from my comments that this felt like an even more positive year than 2011, where the optimism felt just a bit forced.

And the stats about the show apparently bear me out.   There were 12% more exhibitors in 2012 compared to 2011, as well as 9% more attendees.  The show floor was expanded twice to account for new and larger booths, including the growth from 53 to 65 exhibit spaces larger than 20’x30′ .

I’m looking forward to seeing what 2012 brings to the world of tradeshow exhibiting.

Why I Love Tradeshows – If It’s Not Obvious

If why I love, and believe in, tradeshows is not obvious from the above, I’ve done a very poor job writing this piece.

What we gain as a business from attending tradeshows in our industry is irreplaceable. I find it hard to imagine any industry or profession where learning about new products, services, skills and/or trends is not equally important.

Many of the businesses whose booths we visited gained from their new or expanded relationships with us.

And our clients, current and future, gain when we attend industry shows. Expanding our product and service options, and deepening our skillsets,  allows us to help them achieve greater exhibiting success at their own trade shows and special events.


Written by Deborah Elms, head of the Trade Show and Event Division of Imprinted Originals.  She is passionate about helping businesses and organizations create and retain customers through the effective use of trade shows & other face-to-face events.


New Graphic Design Panels for Xpressions Snap Trade Show Display Systems

There are exciting new graphic design options for the Xpresssions Snap tension fabric tradeshow booth and event display systems from Imprinted Originals!

In addition to full color tension fabric panels in Square, Rectangular, and Diamond shapes, we now offer:

  • Sheer fabric panels
  • 3 new shapes: Star, Triangle and Hexagon

Any shape can be printed on either original or sheer material.

Your tradeshow graphics design can now get even more creative, adding sheer and/or shape panels as a front layer to create additional dimensionality, drama, and intrigue.

sheer1x3a-249x213 shape-1X3-N-190 shape-4X3US-Q-190

As always, these Xpression Snaps are ultra-light weight and feature the fastest setup of any display, and offer a wide range of standard and custom configurations for floor and tabletop displays – with different widths, heights and even shapes (pyramids and Xs as well as tall/skinny and typical backwalls).

Pricing for Sheer and Shape fabric graphic panels is the same as for  regular fabric panels.

Call or email us for design suggestions, artwork requirements and templates – and see the difference an Xpresssions Snap display can make.

Click on a sample display picture for more info.


PlannerTech NYC June 9, 2011

Truth be told, I’m kind of a geek. I worked in tech on software design for years. For the last 8 or so years, my business has been about helping others make a big, effective splash in tradeshows and events.  So with opportunitiles to combine face-to-face event marketing with tech stuff – I geek out.  So you know I was excited to hear about PlannerTech NYC 2011 — an evening specifically geared to showcasing event technology.

EZ Engage Interactive Fabric DisplayEven better , I get to present the EZ Engage Interactive Fabric Display Wall, a total geek-out tradeshow/event product that provides user-driven interactivity within a beautiful self-contained display.  Both files and tension fabric panels are easily updated.  And users make their choices by waving their hands in front of a proximity-driven sensor.  EZ!

I’m very inspired to be in the lineup with other great organizations showcasing a wide range of products to help people organize and run events — or meet, connect, engage, and interact – before, during and after those events.

To learn more about PlannerTech, and the products and services being showcased, click PlannerTech.

Since the face-to-face event is sold out, the good news is it will be livestreamed, and you can catch the latest chatter on twitter (hashtag: #PlanTech) as well.

2 easy choices for participating “live” from a distance:  either the PlannerTech Social27 expo site or a secondary site at Liz King Events.

And if you miss it entirely? There’s still plenty of media to check out online … and catch me at an upcoming tradeshow, and we just might catch me showcasing the EZ Engage Interactive Fabric Display Wall again.  It would be the geeky thing to do!

Thanks to the organizers:  Liz King of Liz King Events, Liz Massei of Pogby, and Christine Upton of CMGals, the sponsors, other showcasers, and the whole #eventprofs community for making this possible!


Deborah Elms is CEO and head of the Trade Show and Event Division of Imprinted Originals.  She is passionate about helping new and growing businesses, non-profit organizations and associations create and retain customers through the effective use of tradeshows & events.