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“It Takes All Kinds” – Great Options in iPad Kiosks and PC Tablet Displays

Savvy exhibitors are calling our portable iPad kiosks and mounted PC tablet stands “the next wave” in exhibiting, because they offer something key in today’s busy sped-up world: they shorten the time required to reach a “meeting of the minds” between an exhibitor and visitors to their booth – with easy, quick access to user-driven information.

This product category has really taken off — which means lots of models, very different looks, and a full range of price points.

Examining iPad Kiosks and Tablet Stand Options


Let me pick a few popular options, to give you an idea of what’s possible.

First, the brand-new “Maestro” iPad/tablet kiosk.

Like others in our high security line of kiosks, this features an anti-theft dual lock clamshell, which can be used (optionally) to block the tablet “home” button.

Maestro Telescoping Portable iPad Tablet Stand

What’s unique about the Maestro?

  • Innovative telescoping pole (adjusts in height from 37″ to 60″)
  • Can be tilted from flat to 90 degrees
  • Comes with a rolling suitcase with protective foam inserts.

This all adds up to a whole lot of “easy” — easy setup, easy use and easy transportation. And a very easy price.

To see more: Maestro iPad/tablet kiosk.

Second, let’s go to the fancier end of the spectrum: our Double-sided Lightbox with iPad Kiosk.

iPad Kiosk and Two-sided LightboxWhat sets this model apart includes:

  • A strikingly sophisticated look
  • LED back-lighting technology for cool, bright light emphasis of your message
  • Fabric panels mounted using tight-as-a-drum Silicone Edge Graphic style, on both front and back of stand
  • Engineered Aluminum Extrusion structure with Laminated Base

If the look you need is modern and cool, and needs to grab attention, this model (or one of its stylistic siblings) is the way to go.

To see more:  Double-sided Lightbox with iPad Kiosk.

And now for something different: Fabric Tower Tablet Kiosk

All is not metallic in the land of kiosks.   We have tablet (and tablet/monitor combination) kiosks with customizable fabric panels.

Combined Tablet and Monitor Fabric KioskWhat’s unique with Fabric Towers?

  • Customizable fabric panels with full color dye sub prints
  • Tablet mount can be combined with a video monitor on one of the models
  • Includes molded transit and storage case
  • This tablet stand won’t disappear but will blend right into your fabric booth.

To see more:  Fabric Tower Tablet Kiosk

More Information

These are just a few examples of how you can put iPads and other tablet computers to work enhancing the looks of your booth, communicating your message more visually, and making a better connection with your targeted trade show audience.

This category is growing so rapidly that we cannot capture all your options, but here are some good places to start:

iPad Stands and Tablet Kiosks

Monitor Kiosks

Plus, the high security iPad Solutions Line from our sister company Trade Show Originals.


Deborah Elms is passionate about helping businesses and organizations create and retain customers through the effective use of trade shows & other face-to-face events.  She is VP of Sales and Marketing at The Originals Group, LLC which is comprised of the Imprinted Originals and Trade Show Originals divisions. You can follow her on twitter at @D_Elms.


Ready for Fall Tradeshows? An Exhibit Manager Checklist

It’s not really true that tradeshows go away for the summer and suddenly come to life in the fall. But folks might be excused for thinking that. Spring and Fall tend to be when the largest and most important industry shows are held, often featuring important marketing initiatives such as new product announcements or movement into new markets.

As a result, it’s important to review existing booth properties for fit and effectiveness before each new season. We’re working with a lot of folks in the middle of this preparation.

But of course, there’s a whole lot more to preparing for what’s coming up.

Just in case anyone needs a quick jog of the memory, a reality check if you will, of the myriad of things needing attention, here’s a short checklist  (see related topics below if you need help with anything listed):


  • Booth is in good repair, appropriate, and successful
  • Booth components – retain, replace or upgrade
  • Update or target message for upcoming audiences
  • Professional design and assessment of effectiveness


  • Presentation, demo, video, slides
  • Printed collateral or digital marketing media
  • QR code, text, RFID marketing
  • Tiered promotional giveaways


  • Booth space, registration, services & shipping forms
  • Staffing selection, transportation and housing
  • Installation and dismantle requirements, instruction or hiring
  • Shipping, tracking and payment


  • Speaking, networking and sponsorship opportunities
  • Preparation of follow-up materials (emails, letters, packages)
  • Meetings arranged with clients & top prospects
  • Announcements via email, postal, trade journal, PR, social media
  • Plan/prep for lead gathering, management, tracking


You didn’t dive into the tasks listed above without being clear on the purpose and strategy for your upcoming shows, did you?

  • Determination of product management, marketing and sales goals
  • Specific, measurable objectives
  • Timelines
  • Budget
  • Assessment of prior results
  • Areas targeted for increased effectiveness

How Can We Help?

If you’ve worked with Imprinted Originals before, you know we are proud of being multi-line distributors of portable display products and modular exhibit systems and components that produce the same results as custom exhibit house booths.

Being multi-line means we’re not attached to any particular style or model.  Nor are your options limited to what we can produce or have on hand.

Our goal is to help you find the solution which matches your goals.  And can be used flexibly as you need to expand, contract or modify your booth.

We also offer professional graphic design that knows how to fulfill “the 3 jobs of a tradeshow booth or exhibit“.

And we’re really good at helping folks assess and update their tradeshow marketing strategies and the things they are doing to make them happen (Tradeshow Services).

So – here’s to a great tradeshow season this Fall.  Feel free to read our tips, browse our website (a new one is coming which will feature our modular offerings), or reach out for ideas or guidance.


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Deborah Elms is passionate about helping businesses and organizations create and retain customers through the effective use of trade shows & other face-to-face events.  She heads up the Trade Show and Event Division of Imprinted Originals.  You can follow her on twitter at @D_Elms.

Visit Imprinted Originals for more information.


Top 10 Signs You Need a New Tradeshow Booth or Graphic Design

The situations on this list, while presented with humor, lead to results which are anything but funny. If you cannot read through it without a glimmer of recognition — chances are that you are coming up short on achieving the tradeshow results you are looking for, including quality leads and new opportunities with existing clients.

Unfortunately, we have seen and corrected every one of these mistakes at least once!

I’ve combined some variations to keep the list short, so we can work our way up from number 10 in classic late-night TV Top 10 List fashion.

Top 10 Signs You Might Need a New Booth

#10 A sure sign you need to get a new booth is when you have clients saying “You do that?” even after just seeing you at the tradeshow where you announced a new product or service.

#9 A sign it’s past time for a revamp is when your booth sports a color scheme that’s been out of favor longer than you’ve been with your company, and the logo has changed, probably at least twice, since then. And maybe the magnets need a little help with duct tape.

#8 You might be ready for a new booth if you’ve gotten tired of watching your competitors essentially open their arms and put their booth up in two minutes when it takes you an hour or two and a ladder. Or your competitors have one of the hybrid fabric and extrusion models that only look like they require paying for labor from the general contractor, and you are paying for your setup, with overtime too.

#7 A sign the timing is perfect for a new booth is you’ve just made a big move like purchasing another company or snagging some major clients, and you want to step up the style of your display to replace the same-old, same-old pop up you’ve relied on for years.

#6 An obvious sign is when your boss finally admits that his wife’s nephew did the design for a school project, and the course he was taking was website design. Or your marketing agency designed it for you at the same time they did your brochures — and you realize they look exactly the same, only the brochures work and the tradeshow booth design does not. (Hint: you’re not saving money by using someone who does not know how to create impact with tradeshow graphics because you are going to have to pay to replace them to be successful on the show floor.)

#5 A painful sign you may be missing is when your sales people or field marketing reps won’t put up the display you think they’re using, because it either weighs more than they do or is so difficult to set up, it cuts into their face time with prospects — or they have decided it requires too much effort to explain its middle-of-the-road message, because the inflexible booth layout does not allow easy adaptation for their specific audiences or product lines.

#4 Another reason it could be time to reconsider your booth design is when people keep asking if you’re a startup — and you’re not. Or you are a startup with great new ideas and everyone sees the same stock photographs they see on other booths so they don’t pay any attention to you.

#3 You know you need to get out of a rut when you get lost coming back from the bathroom, and other people stop by and ask your help in finding your company. Your booth looks too much like everyone else’s, your company name or tagline does not stand out, and even you can’t read most of its overly small print when you’re standing next to it.

#2 A truly bad sign that you need a new booth is it’s not doing its job. Instead of connecting with leads pre-qualified by its message, you end up talking to the wrong people, and wasting time trying to attract people into your booth by standing in the aisles and offering giveaways.

And the #1 most obvious and most worrisome sign that you need a new booth is when people pause, stare at your display, then look at you and ask, “So what is it you do anyway?”

Do you find yourself agreeing — or even suspecting — that any of these situations describe your own booth?

This is going to be a strong year for tradeshows, and your booth is going to be a major influence on the level of impact you have. Please feel free to reach out for ideas on how to refresh the graphic design on your display or replace your booth so none of these 10 signs will apply.

Your booth has three jobs: stop attendees from passing by without looking, filter out those who are not good matches to your target audience while attracting those who are, and start a compelling conversation with those who are appropriate.

Imprinted Originals provides the expertise of an exhibit house without the overhead. We can help you achieve Exhibiting Success at your tradeshows and events. Call or e-mail us today for help assessing your current situation and getting you prepared for 2011 and beyond.


Deborah Elms is CEO and head of the Trade Show and Event Division of Imprinted Originals.  She is passionate about helping new and growing businesses create and retain customers through the effective use of tradeshows & events.

Twitter:  http://twitter.com/D_Elms
LinkedIn: http://www.linkedin.com/in/deborahelms

Website: http://www.imprintedoriginals.com


Directors Chairs: Holiday Gift or A Way to Improve Tradeshow Results?

I’m only partly speaking tongue-in-cheek in suggesting a Directors Chair as a holiday gift. One of our clients, who finally replaced an endless stream of rentals with a portable display, received a chair the following holiday season from a grateful staff.

Such a “gift” to your sales or field marketing staff — or yourself, if that’s your role — could likewise be considered a gift to your organization by helping achieve your tradeshow or event objectives.

Let’s get this over first — it’s always better to be standing rather than sitting in your tradeshow booth. It shows you’re available — ready to walk over, shake hands and start a conversation.

Sometimes, however, you’re faced with a multi-day show and not enough staff on hand to rotate as you’d like, or there are gaps when attendance in the exhibit hall lags. And let’s face it, sometimes we just need to take a load off, and give our legs and feet a break.

Even so, you don’t want to have anyone sitting in your booth in a regular height chair, especially slouching behind a table.

It sends the wrong message. It says someone is much more interested in their own comfort than their visitors. In addition, a table creates a moat between you and your visitors. It causes doubt that you really want someone to stop and talk with you.

A Directors Chair will set up a different dynamic.

The height of a Directors Chair positions you at or near a standing elevation, signaling a willingness to engage, so anyone entering your space will feel more comfortable approaching you.

At the same time, after grabbing a brief break, you — or your staff — will be prepar moved ed to handle visitors to your booth in a more energized, friendly, and professional manner. The result will be not only greater comfort, but almost certainly a larger pool of qualified leads.

So, call it a holiday gift or not, but both booth staff and show results can benefit from bringing a Directors Chair or two into your booth!

Directors Chairs and Stools Made in the USA

We have a very special relationship with an American manufacturer of Directors Chairs and  wooden stools that we rely on because they provide great quality, a lot of options, and excellent service. We truly like being able to offer their products to our clients.

Custom-made to order in the USA using American Beech hardwoods, these chairs are available in 3 styles and 3 heights (the 24 in. and 30 in. being recommended, as mentioned above).

By adding a logo or message using one of four decoration methods (embroidery, screen printing, thermal and photo film transfer) and selecting from a range of material colors and frame finishes, your chair will fit into any environment.

If you agree that giving your sales or field marketing staff — or yourself — a directors chair would make a worthy gift and also help achieve your goals at upcoming tradeshows and events, there’s still plenty of time!

Ready to take a look?




The Aura, a free-standing 3D lightbox with double-sided graphics, creates an unforgettable marketing showcase.

Use as part of a tradeshow booth, retail environment, or installation at a school, museum or corporate lobby to replace or supplement traditional structures at a much lower price point.

Created using brilliant Trifab dye sublimated tension fabric, finished aluminum extrusions, and side lighting which brings out the brilliant color and fine detail of your high-quality images, its Silicon Edged Graphics (SEG) technology means it is easy, fast and inexpensive to create and swap in a whole new look as needed.

For all its elegance, the Aura lightbox display is highly portable, setting up in minutes without specialized equipment or expensive crews.

Benefits of Aura Lightbox Displays

  • Fantastic presentation
  • Versatile – quick upgrade to existing display
  • Easy, fast and inexpensive to update
  • Decreases shipping costs
  • Use as backwall or two-sided
  • No added labor; fast set-up and breakdown
  • Permanent installation or portable use
  • Double-sided – maximizes visibility at a trade show or retail environment


Special pricing available on all of our “no tool” Truss Kits through April!

A special favorite for exhibitors wanting the professional look of a truss system, without long set-ups at high prices!

Our Express Truss Kits provide an upscale look – plus flexibilty, affordability and speed!

  • Professionally designed kits at affordable off-the-shelf prices
  • Re-configurable to fit different booth sizes or floor plans
  • NO TOOLS required for setup
  • Specially-designed connectors twist and lock securely into place
  • Installs and dismantles fast
  • Ships in stackable heavy-duty freight cases
  • Choose from 41 standard kits, complete with all parts, fixtures and fittings

Check them out here:  No Tool Truss Kits.



Our Linear Hybrid System display kits combine the look of a custom extruded aluminum tradeshow exhibit with the ease, convenience and value of portable modular displays.

They’re now on special – to help you prepare for the 2010 Spring and Summer expos and tradeshows in style and at a surprisingly affordable price!

For more information and to see our standard configurations (customization available): Hybrid Floor Display Kits