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Skillfully used banter, a winning personality, and an engaging manner are all tools the smiling woman uses to draw people into your booth.

Then she presents a carefully crafted demonstration of your new product or most profitable service – as she has at regular intervals, unflaggingly and adroitly, for the past two days at your number one industry trade show.

Who is this woman, what is she doing there, and what can she help you achieve?

She could be one of any number of presenters but let’s say it was Emilie Barta, one of the top trade show presentation professionals in the country.

I spoke with Barta recently, after having made her acquaintance through tradeshow-oriented discussions in “Twitter”.  Of course, I was looking for input on how she, and others like her, could help my clients.

“Launching a brand new product, introducing a new version of an existing product, doing something different than your competition, and ensuring that attendees know about your service offerings are just a few ways in which a professional trade show presenter can assist you in your trade show marketing efforts”, Barta told me.

She continued, “numerous studies have shown that trade shows offer one of the most cost-effective ways to reach a large number of prospects, all at one time, all in one place, so why not work with someone who can take full advantage of that situation?”

Why not just use your own staff?

First, this sort of focused, dynamic exchange may be a stretch for them, and you’d be better off hiring a high energy professional who is an expert at gathering a crowd of attendees and keeping them engaged while answering individual questions.

In addition, the time professional presenters have spent learning about your products and services means they can help pre-qualify prospects before handing them off to appropriate company employees.

This means your staff can focus their time where they will produce the greatest results: creating relationships with “hot leads” in more detailed conversations and connecting more deeply with existing customers.

Professional presenters can also help in tradeshow preparations.

They can assist with honing your message into an effective script, as someone who has been there/done that and knows what works.

They can provide invaluable input, working with your booth designer, on strategic staging layout to optimize traffic flow, interest and interaction with your booth staff.  And they can even help select appropriate giveaways to reinforce your message well after prospects leave the tradeshow.

And one last thing I learned from Emilie Barta?  Services such as hers probably cost a lot less than you think.  A focused marketing message + great booth design + a well trained staff + a professional presenter = a recipe for success!

Presenters are one of several alternatives to supplementing your booth staff.  We’d be happy to help you learn more about these options and introduce you to reliable pros!

PS – For more, read Barta on 10 Reasons to Have a Presentation in Your Booth.



Congratulations! You’re planning ahead on how to improve your trade show marketing.

Now.  How to get prospects into your booth?

First, a few no-no’s we’ve mentioned in tips before:

  1. Don’t create a moat between yourself and attendees with a table at the front.
  2. Don’t let your staff sit down, huddle together or otherwise signal disinterest.
  3. Don’t let a graphics designer without large-format experience design your booth like a giant sales brochure!
  4. Don’t expect the tradeshow or conference organizers to do all the work attracting YOUR prospects!

What to do to instead of “showing up and waiting”:

Be proactive!

Send emails or postcards so clients and prospects know you are exhibiting.  Include information about what they can expect to see and learn about by visiting your booth, and any special offers.    Even if they do not attend – this still provides you with a “because” to reach out to clients and prospects with relationship-nurturing contact.

Be targeted as well as proactive!

Use pre-show mailers with a puzzle piece or a part of a gift to all or selected prospects. To claim their prize, they must come to your booth. These techniques are proven to attract not only more prospects, they help you ensure that you see your preferred prospects, if done properly.

Be demonstrative!

  • Create an interactive or educational environment
  • Hire a professional presenter
  • Bring in an entertainer, buy a game wheel, or create a “quiz show”

Create buzz with your booth!

For one client, we designed a 20 foot booth that featured a 50’s cafe on one side, complete with old-fashioned tables and chairs, and a “drive-in movie theatre” where demonstration videos where shown on the other.  It was the exhibit that “everyone had to see” at its show!