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Rentals vs Purchase

Rentals can be a cost effective approach to tradeshow exhibiting at any time.  Renting all or even components with a booth is one way to cope with decreased cash flow during challenging economic times.

How can you tell if renting makes sense for you?

The essential considerations include: the opportunities and challenges, what to look for, and what kinds of things you can consider renting (and from where).

The Opportunities of Renting

Rentals can provide monetary savings and / or increased flexibility.

Monetary savings:

  • A lower cost in the short term
  • Lowers bar on “return” required for given show
  • Lessens cost when testing new shows or new markets
  • Spreads costs over time

Increased Flexibility:

  • Makes it easier to handle overlapping shows
  • Experiment with different styles and approaches
  • May decrease storage requirements
  • May decrease or simplify shipping arrangements

The Potential Challenges of Renting

  • Can increase long-term costs
  • May limit customization (especially without support in planning)
  • Possible minor increase in setup time (less of a challenge if graphics are pre-installed where appropriate and then removed prior to return)
  • Exhibit staff must have good relationship & support system from supplier
  • May run into quality issues (see: existing relationship with reliable supplier)

What To Look For in Rental Options:

  • Rent-to-purchase options
  • Sufficient time to become accustomed to setup, if needed
  • Flexibility in shipping arrangements
  • Professional design skills for graphic customization
  • Able to continue to use current design & support teams for continuity & reliability
  • Options and guidance on what to rent vs purchase

What can be rented?

More than you probably think.

In most cases, the “hard goods” of exhibiting: booth structures, the frames for backwalls, display hardware, counters, floor carpeting, furniture, etc.

You can also rent attractive non-branded elements, including Tension Fabric Shapes to set off your existing design, establish “flow” within your booth space and set the stage for in-booth appointment, presentation or demonstration areas.

What you cannot rent is what you would not want to rent: your graphic design materials.  Depending on your overall tradeshow and event marketing plan, you may be able to reuse all or parts of your graphic design elements at upcoming shows.

Who provides rentals?

The most expensive rentals are usually from the general contractor associated with your show, but the fat charges are somewhat offset by ease and decreased shipping costs.

You can rent some options such as lounge furniture from specialty rental suppliers.

Where to Start?

Ask.   If you are considering rental options, we’ll help you sort through your alternatives for what makes most sense for you.

Many of our product lines, from highly portable to island displays, can be rented.  We also have relationships with “custom rental” facilities near larger convention cities, and can help you evaluate other product and service providers as well.