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Trade shows give you the chance to meet new prospects, reinforce existing customer relationships, and expand product or brand awareness.

But let’s face it – trade shows also cost time, money and effort. When all of these are tight, you might be tempted to decide they just aren’t worth it.

Before you decide trade shows just aren’t worth it – take a look at some facts.

The average cost to close a sale originating at a trade show is less than 2/3 the cost for leads from other sources.

75% of people attending trade shows arrive with a specific goal in mind.
Closing a sale from a trade show lead takes an average of 1.6 personal sales visits versus 3.7 for non-show leads.

You can talk with as many prospects in an hour as normally takes a day.

More numbers about trade show attendees (from industry surveys):

  • 95% of decision makers look for their current vendors at shows
  • 88% of attendees, on average, have not been contacted by your sales staff in the previous year
  • 87% share information they learned at shows; 64% talk to at least 6 other people
  • 77% found at least one new supplier at their last show
  • 76% asked for quotes
  • 72% say show attendance influences their buying decision
  • 71% of attendees can authorize or approve purchases
  • 70% of attendees are planning on buying at least one product
  • 51% of executive decision makers request a follow-up visit
  • 50% are there to see what’s new
  • 46% of decision makers make purchase decisions at a show
  • 26% signed purchase orders as a direct result of a show


1. Trade shows shorten the sales cycle so each sale costs less to close;
2. Attendees are arriving these days to meet specific needs;
3. Shows are the next best thing to bringing prospects to your office!

If 57% of attendees only attend one show a year, and 40% of the people at any show are first-time attendees – you have to ask yourself, will they meet (and remember) you or your competitor?

Do yourself a favor – exhibit at trade shows!

To be successful in making connections that lead to sales through trade shows and networking events, read our other Tips on Selecting, Preparing for, and Following Up After Trade Shows.

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