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Tips On Healthy Airplane Travel For Tradeshow Warriors

Some tips on how to fend off and battle the “bugs” of airline travel, from the New York Times, including some obvious tips and reminders – and some unusual ones:

How Not to Get Sick From a Flight

Not all of these ideas are “well-grounded” perhaps, but some certainly are important reminders.

For instance, we probably cannot be reminded too often about washing our hands regularly, and being careful about touching our face after interacting with all the hotspots in airports and public facilities, including escalator guide rails, elevators, and waiting areas. I usually keep the air above my seat turned off just to keep warm, but now I see it’s possibly a good idea for other reasons as well.

I myself have become a firm believer in keeping myself thoroughly hydrated when I travel and participate in tradeshows and face-to-face events. It keeps me frosty mentally, as well as much more healthy!

Anybody else have tips for keeping healthy while traveling or participating in face-to-face events?